a quick word from the Body Rocket creator

Here is a quick intro about the Body Rocket and how it came to be.

Welcome to Posture Newmatic Technologies!

Our Passion is Solving and Preventing Posture Related Problems Safely, Effectively, and Quickly.

Thank you for visiting with us today. We are passionately committed to helping you safely, effectively, and quickly correct and protect your posture as conveniently as possible. Posture problems can impact every aspect of your life. If your problems are posture related, we want to help you solve them. The embodiment of our proprietary technology, the Body Rocket, may be all you need to ensure healthy posture for a lifetime.

The focus of the Body Rocket is a controlled stretch designed to safely and effectively increase the range of motion in your spine and joints in relation to a known reference in just minutes a day. We have done all the calculations for you. Once you are able to comfortably perform sessions with the Body Rocket, your posture should be as close to optimal as you are capable of. Continued use of the Body Rocket will help to keep your mobility within a healthy range which will help prevent the posture related issues that you may be currently suffering with. 

The Body Rocket provides complete engagement, complete portability, and complete mobility while only requiring minimal time, minimal effort, and a minimal adjustment period. Because of these factors, the Body Rocket may do more for your posture than all other solutions you have tried combined. You can use the Body Rocket at home, work, vacation, or any secure area of your choice. We have more information available throughout our website that further explains the Body Rocket and how it can help you.

Please subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page. We are currently wrapping up the pre production phase of the Body Rocket. We will initially sell the Body Rocket on our Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital we will need for our start up costs. Those on our email list will be the first to know when the Body Rocket is available. 

David Badger

Creator of the Body Rocket/Former Posture Issue Sufferer

a quick look at How It Works

There is a more in depth video on the Introduction Page.

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