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Our passion is solving and preventing posture related problems safely, quickly, and effectively.

Our Top Priorities Are To:

Eliminate The Pain And Tension In Your Spine And Joints: Just like your vehicle can develop alignment issues, you can develop posture issues. If your vehicle could feel, damage from an alignment issue would hurt it. You do feel back pain and neck pain. You feel pain and tension in your spine and other joints that can be unbearable. The faster your posture issues are corrected, the faster the related symptoms such as pain and tension may subside. No other system helps restore and protect your posture like the Body Rocket. 

Improve The Impact Your Posture Has On Your Appearance: Your posture is one of the most important elements of your appearance. Think about it, do you know anyone with great posture that isn't attractive? We may be able to improve your body's range of motion, letting you attain the attractive posture that is universally appealing to others. If a picture is hung crooked on a wall, isn't your natural reaction to straighten it? Your posture may also be improved with the right technology. We may have the right technology for you!

Maximize Your Energy: When you have posture issues, incredible amounts of energy may be burned trying to compensate for the inefficiencies. The most efficient runners in the human population have healthy posture. Some of them are able to run a marathon faster than a horse under the right conditions. When we are inactive and sedentary, we may lose those efficiencies. You might regain your natural efficiencies with help from the Body Rocket. 

Optimize Your Mobility: Your posture is one of the largest factors in determining your mobility. When your posture is rigid, you are rigid. We were designed to move and bend freely just as any other living creature is. The Body Rocket may stretch, loosen, and balance your range of motion to allow you the freedom of movement you have been forced to do without. 

Avoid Risky Surgeries: Sometimes surgery is necessary but should always be a last resort. It is possible that our product can restore your posture health without the risks of surgery. If your Qualified Medical Doctor approves, let's try to restore your posture health without unnecessary risks. 

End Unnecessary Prescriptions: We live in an overprescribed society. Prescription drugs can bring wonderful advancements in healthcare and treatment but they can also be abused and very dangerous. Our approach is completely drug free but possibly just as effective, for some users. 

Free you from Restrictive Undergarments: Many available solutions are required to be worn underneath your outer clothing and claim to be able to correct your posture. We, at Posture Newmatic Technologies, started our journey as people in need of relief from posture problems just like you. We have tried all the available solutions and found them to be lacking. Our solution requires only minutes a day but may get you significant results fast. 

Protect you from Costly Downtime: From the very first use, the Body Rocket may start a rejuvenating process that you may never want to end. While you may experience an adjustment period, you will not be held back in any way from your daily activities your Qualified Medical Doctor approves. In fact, some users may notice an increased vitality right after their very first use.  

David and Kasia Badger

Posture Newmatic Technologies

Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems

It is September of 2018 and we are about to launch a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo. If you would like to contribute, and/or be one of our first users at a discounted price, please subscribe and click on the Indiegogo button to get to our campaign page. We appreciate your interest and are working diligently to make our products available to you. If you click on the button but it doesn't get you to our Indiegogo page, please let us know.

Informational Video

Here is an informative video on the benefits of the Posture Newmatic Body Rocket and how it works.  This is my beautiful daughter, and business partner, Kasia, helping me. 

a quick look at the complete system

Here is a 360 degree view of the complete System

a quick look at How It Works

This video is also included in the Informational Video

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