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Here is a quick intro about the Body Rocket and how it came to be.

Welcome to Posture Newmatic Technologies!

Uncommonly Effective Solutions to Commonly Occurring Problems

Our Mission is to solve, and prevent, commonly occurring posture related problems* with uncommonly effective, and non-invasive, solutions. Posture related problems can strike without warning and disrupt every aspect of your life. If your problems are posture related, we want to help you solve them without surgery, prescriptions, restrictive undergarments, or costly downtime. Once you are freed from the grips of these invasive problems, we want to help you prevent them from occurring in the future. The embodiment of our proprietary technology, the Body Rocket, is designed to address one of the leading causes of posture related problems: an imbalance in your body's range of motion.

An imbalanced range of motion commonly occurs when you sit, or hold any forward  leaning position, for too long. This dynamic will tighten your joints, shorten the muscles pulling forward, and lengthen the muscles designed to pull back. Any imbalance in your range of motion can cause, and perpetuate, posture misalignments. A misaligned posture can cause pain and injury on its own or with the slightest wrong movement. The focus of the Body Rocket is a controlled stretch designed to safely, effectively, and quickly restore a balanced range of motion by balancing the joints, and muscles, controlling your range of motion. A balanced range of motion will help to correct any posture misalignments and help solve the related problems. Continued use of the Body Rocket will help maintain the balance that will help keep your posture problem free. To top things off, we make it easy for you!

The Body Rocket provides complete engagement, complete portability, and complete mobility while only requiring minimal time, minimal effort, and a minimal adjustment period. Because of these factors, the Body Rocket may be the only solution to posture related problems you'll ever need. You can use the Body Rocket at home, work, vacation, or any secure area of your choice. We are passionately committed to helping you safely, effectively, and quickly solve these serious problems while fitting seamlessly into even the busiest schedule. We understand a complicated life and how critical your health is to managing, and enjoying, every day. Let us take care of your posture while you take care of what you are passionate about!

Please subscribe to our email list at the bottom of this page. We are currently wrapping up the pre production phase of the Body Rocket. We will initially sell the Body Rocket on our Indiegogo campaign to raise the capital we will need for our start up costs. Those on our email list will be the first to know when the Body Rocket is available. 

David Badger

Creator of the Body Rocket/Former Posture Issue Suffer

*See our FAQ section for an explanation of what we consider "commonly occurring posture related problems" to be

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