beginning and history

A journey from a posture problem sufferer to a posture problem solver.

Posture Newmatic Technologies is a company born out of necessity. Like up to 9 in 10 Americans, posture related problems have also held me back. I've been sidelined with back pain, self conscious about my posture, and let down by a lack of effective solutions available. I simply refuse to allow these dismal realities continue to hold myself, and others, back from an actively engaged life. 

Over the last 35+ years, I have studied existing, proven, technology, applied my natural talents in ergonomic development, and created new technology that may be able to improve and revitalize your posture in ways not possible until now. I am ready to introduce this new  - life changing - technology to the rest of the world as the Body Rocket. 

My deepest sympathies go out to you if you have unbearable posture related problems to deal with. I have been there and am ecstatic to tell you that I suffer no longer. I wake up rejuvenated and ready to start my day. If my products provide you with significant relief of any kind, please let me know. This is what drives me as the creator of this technology.

David Badger

Creator of the Body Rocket/Former Posture Issue Sufferer