Informational video

Here is an informative video on the benefits of the Body Rocket and why it is needed.  This is my beautiful daughter, and business partner, Kasia, helping me. 

why posture newmatic technologies?

Has your quality of life been downgraded by any of the following?

-Chronic pain or tension in your back, neck, or joints

-A Lowered confidence in your appearance

-A significant drop in your energy, or

-A critical limit to your mobility

All of these common problems could be related to issues with your posture. We want to solve and prevent these, and all, posture related problems by correcting and protecting all aspects of your posture. Our top priority is to eliminate your joint, neck, and back pain, free from risks and discomfort, as quickly as possible!

We are excited to announce that we have a new solution to posture related problems that is not only life changing, it fits easily into even the busiest lives! If you answered yes to any part of the above question, and your problems are due to issues with your posture, our new technology may be the convenient and effective solution you have been looking for!

Our new solution is an easily portable, easy to use, therapeutic system that my be able to help:

Alleviate the pain and tension caused by poor posture

Improve the impact your posture has on your appearance

Maximize your energy, and

Optimize your mobility

All this, and more, is possible in just a few minutes a day on your terms. We call our new solution the Body Rocket and it takes as little as 15 minutes a session to help safely, effectively, and quickly, restore and protect your body's healthy, attractive, and efficient posture. 

In the base option, all you have to do is lay down on the device and relax. That's it! Our technology is designed so that, in this option, gravity does half of the work and our device does the other half. You simply lay back and enjoy the rejuvenating massage our vibrating motor provides. In the advanced options, you can move about freely and be productive on your feet.

We'll handle everything, even the timing of each session. The vibrating motor shuts itself off after 10 minutes. No other therapeutic device can do all this or require such little effort from you. Once you experience the benefits we can deliver, you will become a lifelong Body Rocket user just like us!

Thank you for visiting with us. Please watch the videos provided and visit our various informational pages for further details. 

David and Kasia Badger

Posture Newmatic Technologies

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