Our Philosophy

Your posture can be healed, and protected, without surgery, prescriptions, or downtime.

Posture related problems can cause debilitating pain and tension, negatively impact your appearance, drain your energy, and decrease your mobility. Common solutions fall short when they only address your symptoms. When a misalignment in your vehicle damages its' parts, you don't just replace the parts, you also correct the misalignment. Solutions to posture related problems should also address their cause. We believe the most common causes of posture related problems are stiffness and imbalance in your spine and joints. 

Your spine should illustrate three curves when viewing its profile:

1. Neck: A small rear facing (lordosis) curve

2. Upper back: A large forward facing (kyphosis) Curve

3. Lower back or lumbar: A large rear facing (lordosis) curve

With healthy posture, these curves enable a straight line connecting your head, shoulders, hips, and feet no matter what the angle of view is. If your problems stem from losing this straight line, we may be able to help. The Body Rocket applies healthy force that may reverse stiffness and imbalance, solve the related problems, and alleviate some, or all, of your related symptoms.

We believe all of this capability can be provided with our safe and natural solutions you can use at home, work, or anywhere you chose for just minutes a day with minimal effort! We are passionately committed to healing, and protecting, your posture, fitting seamlessly into even the busiest schedule, and enriching your life in the process. We take care of your posture so you can take care of what you are passionate about!